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Building the Foundation for Your Business is Essential


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By Vouchley

Building the Foundation for Your Business is Essential

When it comes to building anything in life the first step should always be building a strong foundation for the rest to stand upon. This can be said about relationships, friendships, education, and largely while creating a business. If there isn’t a strong foundation for something to stand on then it is bound to crumble to the ground. When a house is being built it is the very first step in the process because through experience architects learned that without this step the house will simply not be built to last. If we treat our business like we treat our homes, putting in the hard work at the beginning then the company is going to stand the test of time.

When we set out on a business venture there is a vision that is important to have at the front of your mind. Envisioning where your company could be in five years from now is going to be the goal that you strive towards. While the outcome may be very different from what you originally thought the overall goal is success. This is all any business owner wants when starting something, it is what most people want in any situation. Being happy and successful often go hand in hand and in order to achieve these things in your life you must plan for the bigger picture. The only way to make sure you can get to the end, look back and be proud of where you have gotten, there must be a strong foundation on which this major success is built upon.

The best place to start in when creating this base is setting a set of principles and values on which the rest will look upon when making decisions. Having a shared vision and moral compass for everyone in the company to rely on, will create a harmonious workplace in which everyone works in sync and can therefore be more efficient in daily decision making. While it is essential to have a strong foundation for big picture decisions it is just as if not more important when making day-to-day decisions. If someone has to question their smaller decisions every day then it can only lead to a lack of time management and productivity which will quickly add up. These little downfalls due to a crumbling base will bring the whole thing down along with any dream that you might have had at the beginning.

With the strength of a foundation, it is much easier to grow the company and scale up. Removing the little grievances and miscommunications by having a shared idea and set of goals for the business makes it much easier to delegate and create a much more effective business strategy that everyone can work to build. If you are certain that everyone within the company is working towards the same thing then there are less issues with trusting someone to take care of one of your tasks in order for you to begin operating at the higher level. Once you break this barrier everything begins to run much more smoothly and you will have time to build upwards and outwards into something that will be successful long term.

I think comparing a company to a building is one of the most effective ways to picture the future of it. A skyscraper in New York City ascends above the rest of the city and people look up at it in awe. While it looks like a feat to create something so massive, every building begins the same way, with a foundation upon which the rest of the skyscraper is built upon. A business is no different, when people look up to the name brands we adore today as the giants they have become, they all started at the same level, with nothing but a dream and a foundation upon which they created what we know today.

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