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Last updated: 13/04/2023

Vouchley Rules

We ask that when using our platform, you adhere to our rules.

  1. Respectful Conduct:
    1. Users must engage in respectful and courteous behavior towards each other.
    2. Harassment, hate speech, or any form of offensive language will not be tolerated.
    3. Refrain from engaging in personal attacks or derogatory remarks.
    4. Do not post reviews of other users based off trades of immoral, illegal or unethical material/content.
  2. Accurate and Fair Reviews:
    1. Reviews must be based on genuine trading experiences between users.
    2. All users are limited to one Vouchley account at all times. Any further accounts that are created will be banned along with your main account
    3. Provide objective and truthful feedback, avoiding false information or misleading claims.
    4. Do not manipulate or spam reviews to gain an unfair advantage or damage others' reputations.
    5. If including the trade value in your review, please ensure it is a realistic (or exact) figure based off the trade performed.
  3. Dispute Resolution:
    1. In case of disputes over reviews, users must utilize the designated dispute resolution system.
    2. Users should provide evidence and relevant information to support their dispute claims.
  4. Spam Detection:
    1. Automatic spam detection systems are in place to identify and remove spam content.
    2. Do not attempt to use bots or any automated means to manipulate reviews or site features.
  5. User Dispute System:
    1. False reporting or misuse of the dispute system will lead to appropriate consequences.
  6. Profile Customization:
    1. While customizing profile appearance is allowed, it should not include offensive or inappropriate content.
    2. Profile customization should not misrepresent or impersonate other individuals or entities.
  7. Privacy and Data Security:
    1. Users must adhere to the website's privacy policy and not share or request personal information publicly.
    2. Attempts to exploit or breach the website's security measures are strictly prohibited.
  8. Compliance with Terms of Service:
    1. By using the website, users agree to comply with all terms and conditions outlined in the Terms of Service.
    2. Failure to adhere to the rules may result in warnings, temporary suspension, or permanent account termination.
  9. Preventing Site Exploitation and Intentional Damage:
    1. Users must not attempt to break or exploit the website intentionally, and any suspicious activities should be reported to administrators.
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