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Fetching user data

You can fetch the following information abofetch the following information about a Vouchley user:


    The user's unique ID

  • Display name String

    The user's display name

  • Username String

    The user's username

  • Title String

    The user's title

  • Avatar URL String

    The user's avatar URL

  • Reviews Array

    The user's list of reviews

  • Average rating Integer

    The user's average rating

  • Discord ID String

    The user's Discord ID (if set)

  • Donator badges Array

    The user's list of donator badges

Getting a user's ID

You can find a user's unique ID by visiting their profile and clicking 'Copy ID 'on the right.

Example URL (Fetch user by ID) - Recommended


Example URL (Fetch user by username)


Example response (JSON)

  "user": {
    "id" : "7e52da00-5e8d-4c1d-9959-5243a13e3043",
    "displayname" : "Vouchley Org!",
    "username": "Vouchley",
    "title": "Official account of Vouchley",
    "avatar_url": "https://ritzeytuqtcluulkkaga.supabase.co/storage/v1/object/sign/avatars/7e52da00-5e8d-4c1d-9959-5243a13e3043?token=eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJ1cmwiOiJhdmF0YXJzLzdlNTJkYTAwLTVlOGQtNGMxZC05OTU5LTUyNDNhMTNlMzA0MyIsImlhdCI6MTY5MTY5NjY4MCwiZXhwIjozMjY0MTc2NjgwfQ.V8rwMtY0vrWRnJSBbwJYtr9OjRhuUy-zxc8GaOUFW5Y",
    "reviews": [
        "id": "86ba9155-5656-46fc-a5a3-a46cf6b00023",
        "receiver": "{ ... }",
        "sender": "{ ... }",
        "rating": 5,
        "message": "User was very informative about some questions I've had with web development, and user was quick to fix any issues/suggestions I had!",
        "time_sent": "2023-08-10T19:21:44.505711+00:00",
        "platform": "Discord (Direct messages)"
        "product": "Website Development",
        "id": "19fe4349-628d-4118-aae9-6555b9964d9b",
        "receiver": "{ ... }",
        "sender": "{ ... }",
        "rating": 5,
        "message": "This user made the verification process on site very easy :blobshrug:",
        "time_sent": "2023-08-12T16:11:24.45609+00:00",
        "platform": "Discord (Direct messages)",
        "donator_badges": [0,1,2]
        "product": null,
    "average_rating": "5.0",
    "discord_id": "1087356895402143844"
  "error": {
    "message": null,
    "code": 200
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