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The only tool you need as a freelancer

Turning your freelancing career into a real business, with commission and client management, automatic quote system, order tracking, and tonnes more.

Host on your own domain!

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All-in-one solution

Stop paying late deadline fees

Get the all all-in-one solution to an unorganised freelancing schedule. Order tracking, create quotes, never miss a deadline again.

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Vouchley reviews dashboard

Advanced analytics

Track total revenue, open feature requests, popuar products, unpaid commission and more with the analytics panel

Vouchley reviews dashboard


See how much has been paid, mark statuses, track commissions and more.

Vouchley reviews dashboard


Collect client information, see how much they've spent with you, track your most loyal customers.

Vouchley reviews dashboard


See all quotes, see if a client has accepted or rejected your quote, filter, sort and more.

Vouchley reviews dashboard

Feature requests

Let your clients freely post change requests for their commission, along with how much they're willing to pay and a deadline. All with 0 input from you.

Vouchley reviews dashboard


Never miss a deadline. Your own calendar integrated into Ember to help you track what's due on what dates.

Vouchley reviews dashboard

Order Tracking

Give your customers more reasons to order from you. Let them easily track their order to see it's progress.

Vouchley reviews dashboard

Automatic quotes

Create quotes for your clients to accept or reject based on terms and details. If they accept, the commission will automatically be created for you.

Vouchley reviews dashboard

Your panel, your branding

Completely remove all Ember branding to make it your own. Upload your own logo to appear on the dashboard, quotes, order tracking and more

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Host on your own domain

For a small extra charge, host Ember on your own domain, giving a personalised experience to your clients.

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More than just a website

In one click, easily install Ember as a desktop app.

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Create products to sell to your clients, track how much has been sold, how much you've made and more.

Vouchley reviews dashboard

Loads more

Ember is packed with tonnes of features to help you take your freelancing career to the next level. From a calendar to a client management system, Ember has it all.

Vouchley reviews dashboard

Turn freelancing into a career

Make an investment the cost of lunch to skyrocket your freelancing career, inside your own toolbox.

Host on your own domain

For a small extra charge, host Ember on your own domain, branding it to your needs.

Advanced analytics

View total due in from unpaid commissions, total revenue, popular products and clients, and more.


Input data and let Ember do the hard work. Ember will track who's not paid yet and how much you've made.

Your own toolbox

Invest in your own ever-growing, feature-rich toolbox and take freelancing to another level.

One price, get everything

We don't do tiers. Get everything for the price of lunch, or pay annually or once and save money.

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billed monthly

  • Access to all features with no limitations*
  • Unlimited commissions and data*
  • Quick email & Discord support
  • Free frequent updates

* subject to fair use

By purchasing, you agree to Ember's terms

Purchasing for a team? Get a discount.

Need some extras? View these addons

Need to host on your own domain, want source code, or more? These are for you.

Host on your own domain

If you own a domain, host Ember on it for a one-time fee.


billed once

  • Brand Ember on your own domain
  • Change domains at ANY time for free*
  • Still receive automatic updates!
  • Very quick setup

* subject to fair use

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Once inside the Discord, create a ticket using "!ticket"

Get Ember for your team

Own a service team or agency? Get discounted licenses.

Amount of licenses


$99.95 total

billed once, lifetime licenses

  • Perfect for creative teams
  • Pay once and get discounted licenses

* minimum 5 licenses

Contact us

Once inside the Discord, create a ticket using "!ticket"

Discord bot addon

Coming soon!

Install and connect the Discord bot to your panel


billed once

  • Connect your panel to a Discord bot automatically
  • Let clients view and accept/reject quotes via Discord
  • Receive notifications for new change requests, quote accepting and more
  • Get real-time analytics using commands
  • Automatically give roles to clients when a commission is made for them
  • loads more...


Get your questions about Ember answered

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