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Last updated: 22/05/2023

Transparency Statement

At Vouchley, we place a high value on transparency, honesty, and fairness. We understand the trust you place in us when you choose to use our platform, and we do not take this lightly. We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment that fosters trust, ensures safety, and promotes fairness among our users. We believe that an open and transparent approach in all our operations is key to achieving these goals.

Review Authenticity

We make every effort to ensure that all reviews posted on our platform are genuine, accurate, and representative of real experiences. We have strict measures in place to detect and prevent the posting of fraudulent or misleading reviews. We do not tolerate "fake reports", i.e., unjustly reporting a review as fake simply to have it removed from a profile. Each report of a fake review is taken very seriously, and our dedicated team conducts a thorough investigation to verify its authenticity. Any reports found to be in violation of our terms will be dealt with accordingly, upholding our commitment to fairness and honesty.

Dispute Resolution

We understand that disputes may arise from time to time. To manage these disputes effectively, we have both automatic and manual spam detection mechanisms in place. These tools help us detect fraudulent activity and maintain the integrity of our platform. If you believe a review is unjust, you have the right to dispute it. We promise to handle all user disputes with care, respect, and impartiality. Each case will be analyzed on its individual merits to ensure a fair outcome for all parties involved.

Malicious Insider Activity

We stand firmly against any form of malicious insider activity. We do not, under any circumstances, accept payment or incentives to remove negative reviews or falsely inflate positive reviews. Our internal regulations and control mechanisms are designed to prevent any such activities and ensure the integrity of our platform. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards any actions that might jeopardize the fairness and transparency of our platform. This commitment forms the backbone of our operations and reinforces our pledge to provide a trustworthy space for our users.

Continuous Improvement

Transparency is a journey, not a destination. We strive to continually improve our transparency measures, always seeking new ways to be more open, more accountable, and more user-focused. We actively seek and value feedback from our user community. This input allows us to understand your needs better, identify areas for improvement, and continually enhance the transparency of our operations.

Commitment to Transparency

Our commitment to transparency extends beyond this statement. It is at the heart of every decision we make, every dispute we resolve, every review we validate. We will always be transparent with our users, as we believe it is only through transparency that we can build a truly equitable and reliable platform.

Thank you for being a part of Vouchley. Your trust is what drives us to be better every day!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact help@vouchley.com

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