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Fetching review data

You can fetch the following information about a Vouchley review:

  • Deal message String

    The message title of the deal

  • Deal description String

    Description of the deal

  • Review rating Integer

    The rating of the review

  • ID of sender String

    The ID of the sender

  • ID of receiver String

    The ID of the receiver

  • Deal value Double

    The value of the deal

  • Review date Date/Time

    The date the review was made

  • Deal platform String

    The platform where the deal was made

  • Reviewed product String

    The product the user has reviewed

Getting a review's ID

You can find a review's unique ID by clicking 'Share' on the review, then copying the ID from the URL.

Example URL


Example response (JSON)

  "review": {
    "message": "Amazing user, would recommend!",
    "description": "Sold them a CS:GO Knife skin! This user is amazing, I would recommend them to anyone!",
    "rating": 5.0,
    "sender": "7e52da00-5e8d-4c1d-9959-5243a13e3043",
    "receiver": "4b637ba6-c11e-4a79-956a-be7794e9614f",
    "value": 43.65,
    "time_sent": "2023-08-10 19:02:49.298144+00",
    "platform": "Discord (Direct messages)",
    "product": "Website Development",
  "error": {
    "message": null,
    "code": 200
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