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At Vouchley, we believe in celebrating milestones and rewarding positive behaviors. To this end, we've implemented an Achievements system, a fun and engaging way for users to track their progress and earn recognitions for their activities on the platform.

How it Works

Achievements are earned in the form of badges for completing specific tasks or reaching certain milestones on Vouchley. Each badge represents a different achievement, ranging from being an early beta user to sending and receiving a certain number of reviews.

Receiving Reviews

Users can earn badges for receiving reviews. For instance:

  • Earn a badge for receiving 5+ reviews.
  • Earn a badge for receiving 25+ reviews.
  • Earn a badge for receiving 50+ reviews.
  • more...

Sending Reviews

Similarly, badges can be earned for sending reviews. Examples include:

  • Earn a badge for sending 5+ reviews.
  • Earn a badge for sending 10+ reviews.
  • more...

Did you know?

All users that registered before official release will receive a special BETA tester badge on their profile!

Benefits of Achievements

Badges are more than just fun collectibles. They serve as a visual representation of a user's activity, reliability, and experience on the platform. Displaying badges on your profile can enhance your credibility and attract more trading partners.

Moreover, achievements encourage positive interaction within the Vouchley community. By rewarding users for sending and receiving reviews, we foster an environment that values feedback and continuous improvement.

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