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The Vouchley Leaderboard system is a feature designed to incentivize good trading behavior and promote a sense of healthy competition among users. This dynamic system ranks users based on their ratings received from trades.

How it Works

Each user receives a rating for every transaction they complete. The rating, given by the trade partner, is an honest evaluation of the transaction experience. These ratings accumulate over time and form an overall score for each user.

The leaderboard is then generated based on these overall scores. Users with the highest scores will appear at the top of the leaderboard, acting as trusted and reliable members of the Vouchley community.

Benefits of the Leaderboard

Our Leaderboard system serves multiple purposes. First and foremost, it provides recognition for our most trustworthy and active users. Appearing at the top of the leaderboard can help these users attract more trade partners, as a high rank signifies a proven track record of good trading experiences.

In addition, the leaderboard encourages all users to engage in fair and honest trading. The prospect of gaining a higher rank incentivizes users to maintain good trading practices, creating a better and safer environment for everyone on Vouchley.

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