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Four Ways to Get More Reviews


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By Vouchley

Four Ways to Get More Reviews

1. Vouchley – While there are several platforms for reviews available it can be difficult to know which to turn to in order to get the most accurate and dependable feedback. This is where Vouchley can step in and help both the consumer and the producer of the content. Having a central focus point for people to look to for reviews and know whether something is worth purchasing or not can increase sales as well as feedback. Having this feedback from real consumers can help a company not only grow but improve upon what they are creating. It can be easy to feel frazzled when looking for ways to get reviews, but having a link to a reliable and easily digestible website can easily direct people to leave a review of your company and draw new eyes to what you are working on and passionate about.

2. Sending Emails Post-Purchase – Once you have the platform to leave the reviews such as Vouchley it can be hard to get people to get to that link without the proper channels. The most effective ways to get reviews are to look to those who have recently used your products and services and send a link to leave feedback after a purchase has been made. There are also many companies who offer a discount through the email link to leave a review which can encourage people at even higher rates to comment on your business and how you handle it. Sending that email afterwards is both a good way to show you care about the consumers as well as wanting to better your product through their reviews at the same time.

3. Social Media – Our world has become dependent on social media and this is something that will never change, if anything it will continue to fester into an even larger beast. This is why we must utilize it to our own advantage. Not only is posting about the product and what it is essential, but it is also important to post a link to leave a review on. There are over 4.3 billion people who use social media which means it is simply the most effective way to reach the largest amount of people at one time. It is important to have a post that will catch the viewers eyes and draw them not only to the picture or video, but to the comments where they can either leave a review directly on the social media pages, or on the link that you put in the description.

4. Review Reminders on the Website – While it may seem like an insignificant detail, if you have a pop up on your websites landing page it can encourage people to click the link and leave a review. Consumers rely on reviews to make their decisions and if people make it to your company website and see there are incentives to leave reviews and at the same time end up reading the ones already on your sire, it can encourage another sale. Most of the effective strategies in business revolve around exposure and putting yourself out there through networking. Reviews are no different, as soon as you begin to reach out to people and have no fear of the unknown, both reviews and your company’s success will begin to change overnight.

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