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Top 5 Tools to Grow Your Company


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By Vouchley

Top 5 Tools to Grow Your Company

1. Vouchley – It would be impossible to discuss tools to grow your business without addressing all of the benefits you can get out of Vouchley. Freelancers of all kinds are welcome to join Vouchley and stream line all of your reviews into one central point. There are so many spots to leave reviews these days it can be tough to know where to look or if you are seeing the full picture. With Vouchley it is easy to give the market a comprehensive view of your business and all of the thoughts of those who are using your product. Maintaining a positive image is something that make or break a company. Consumers base their decisions on the choices and words of those who made the same decision before them. Vouchley allows you to present your satisfaction levels to the market and reassure those who would otherwise not know whether to use your company or not.

2. Social media – It is apparent right now that social media is one of the most important tools in any business owners tool kit. Social media is something that can showcase your company on a much higher and broader scale than a business that does not have any presence online. Connecting to consumers has never been easier than it is now, with the world of consumers at our fingertips we can reach audiences that might not have been hit before. These targets are only able to be hit with open communication and transparency through social media marketing. We have become a very visual society in which most choices are made off of what we see and read on our phones. Demonstrating your company’s skills and abilities is much more attainable when using a visual platform such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, etc.

3. Blogging – While some may be under the impression that writing has completely fallen off since social media has been around, I would argue that it has just taken a back seat. While it may be less common than social media marketing, it is still a key ingredient to any successful business venture. When people have questions on something they usually turn to something such as an FAQ or blog to understand and answer any of those questions they may have. Blogs are a great platform for you to showcase your knowledge and credibility in your field. It is a chance for those who prefer to read up on your company to see that you are willing to not only be on the social media sponsored pages, but are actually using your voice to write something of substance and meaning.

4. Design Tools – Having a good set of designs to back up your branding is something that can elevate you onto a higher level compared to the competition. If you are able to create a brand that stands out amongst the rest then people are going to see that. When you make a logo or a slogan that is specific to your company and it is unique people will quickly begin to recognize you and start to become curious as to who you and your company actually are. It is important to have a game plan and create designs that you plan on keeping for the long haul. While it can be challenging to know this early on, it is essential to be at least thinking about it. There are so many creative minds and tools out there that you can use to create this image, and take your branding to the next level.

5. Email marketing – Emails are a tried-and-true way to build a business. Emails are unique in the fact that they are able to be personal. A social media post is something that gets sent to everyone and it does not impact the viewer as much as a personalized email might. Sending something targeted allows for users to feel heard and seen by your company. Marketing yourself as personable and involved is a responsibility that any successful business owner has taken on. Emails are able to be transformed to be unique for each reader and it is a space for you to create an image and a brand full of involvement and excitement. Do not underestimate the power of an email marketing campaign, it is a way to send your message to as many people as you can imagine, the possibilities are endless.

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