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What makes a successful freelancer?


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By Vouchley

What makes a successful freelancer?

Being a freelancer is an opportunity that is available to anyone who wants to try it out. While this is a great notion to have this freedom to choose our own future, it has created an over saturation of people who are trying to make it work. One of the biggest questions that people pursuing this path then begin to ask is what is going to make me successful? The answer may sound simple but the complexities behind it are what people often miss.

A successful freelancer is someone who is going to put in the hard work and dedicate all of them to their craft. There can’t be a single ounce of your being that is not pushing yourself to the absolute limit. Persistence is key in these scenarios; we are bound to be told no and denied time and time again. While some people have a difficult time with rejection, a successful freelancer is going to see this negative and turn it into a positive. Every failure is a chance to turn it into a learning experience. Build off of what was criticized and learn how to perfect it for the next person you present the idea to, which will create a success. Do you think that Steve Jobs was told yes from the very start? My guess is that he heard more criticisms and negative comments than any positive ones throughout his career.

Another key ingredient to success as a freelancer is the passion that you have for the project. If you are not passionate about something that you are going to be spending so much time focusing on, then it can begin to feel like a burden. Once something begins to lose its magic then it can quickly become a nightmare to try and deal with day in and day out. If there is no passion then the dedication that I discussed earlier will be impossible to achieve. Most of the time those who fail at their freelance dream do so because the passion they had for the project vanishes before they even realize. At that point their freelance vision is dead before it can ever become something that would be prepared to handle the long haul.

One of the other essentials to a successful freelancer is teamwork and communication. It is so important to find like-minded people to work alongside with. Networking is what is going to grow a company into something much bigger. No one can run an empire alone; it is impossible and simply it is not efficient. Successful business owners know how to delegate and understands that yes it can be uncomfortable to pass off your passion to someone else but if you find someone you trust, you will quickly realize that you can go do ten other things that are much more important.

Being a freelancer is not an easy feat, no matter how easy it appears these days with the over saturation on the market, it requires a lot more than a dream to be successful.

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