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Why becoming a Freelancer is better than a 9-5.


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By Vouchley

Why becoming a Freelancer is better than a 9-5.

When we are young, we have dreams and aspirations for what our future will hold. There are no limits to our imagination for our life as an adult. Before you know it, you are looking back at this idea fondly from your cubicle working your 9-5-day job just wishing that this wasn’t the reality that you are living.

Why do we let these dreams die? Bills to pay, people to support, social norms, whatever the reason may be, none of them are good enough for me. We crave freedom from the chains of a 9-5 and the only way the achieve that freedom is quite literally in the word, freelancer.

Being your own boss and allowing for complete freedom to express yourself and your achievements is all possible when you are a freelancer. The possibilities are quite literally endless. There is no ceiling to what one person can accomplish while creating their own company to showcase what they can do.

The world has changed so much within the last decade alone and has opened the door to an infinite new number of openings in the market to jump in and take over. Whatever your forte is, whether it be manual labor or coding behind a computer screen, there are so many new innovations that are creating opportunity for us all.

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The difference between someone who is going to make it in the freelance world versus the average 9-5 is their ability to just go for it. Of course, there is going to be fear involved. However, I believe fear is the gateway to success and improvement within one’s own character.

It can be very easy to become comfortable in our day to day lives. Routine is comfortable for a lot of people. In my opinion, comfortability creates complacency which then leads to a lack of growth. Life is all about changing, innovating, and going through a series of changes throughout our existence.

While a 9-5 is comfortable it is simply not as fulfilling as it once was. We are an ever-changing society and thankfully we are moving towards the notion that we don’t have to answer to anyone but ourselves. The key to our freedom from the ways of the past and the complacency we have gotten stuck in has been handed to us, breaking out of these chains and leaping into freedom is something that can only be achieved through freelancing, something I believe every person deserves the right to pursue.

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